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In the production of human or pet food products, one of the most important processes is the preparation of bulk raw materials for further processing in and on the production lines. At both Human and Petfood, heavy-duty machines are often used to grind, standardize or reduce the size of fresh or frozen meat, fish and poultry, cheese, pharmaceuticals, etc., whether boned or not, to cut, mix, emulsify, cool, heat, pump, store and transport, etc. 

These systems are often housed in a preparation hall where one or more of these operations are carried out in cooled conditions. Since these systems such as Whole Pallet Crushers, Grinders, Wolves, Mixers, Pumps, Emusifiers run 2 shifts or more, proper maintenance is essential. Koncept Tech is the specialist in the field of parts for this machine and not only for Scansteel foodtech machines but also for well-known brands such as Wolfking, CFSD, Gea, and Cozzini (here you need to place an r of registration) equipment! 

Koncept Tech supplies all these high value parts as first class original parts for very competitive prices, often from stock.

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